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A redefined look; For a redefined experience

Bringing communities closer together, with the focus of their inspirations.

Design, Development


neon (formerly Cityneon) is a global entertainment company renowned for its unique and immersive experiences. With a portfolio of world-class Intellectual Properties (IP) including Marvel Avengers, Transformers, and Avatar etc., neon creates unforgettable and engaging experiences that captivate visitors worldwide.

In October 2022, Cityneon underwent a rebranding exercise, now known as neon, a portal and platform for communities to Get Closer to what they love. Collaborating with several key personnel from neon, we created a visually captivating website revamp that embodied their philosophy: Get Closer To What You Love.

NEON Group
Vertical Timeline

For the key milestones page, we envisioned an engaging narrative of the client’s journey. Implementing a vertical timeline with an intuitive year navigator, users can swiftly glide through significant events. This design choice not only amplifies visual appeal but ensures effortless exploration, enhancing the storytelling experience and bringing the brand’s journey vividly to life.

Navigating the brand’s backbone

This intuitive design aims to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s essence and offerings, ensuring a swift and informed browsing experience.

Closing Thoughts

The new website provided an up to date and professional platform for neon to communicate with investors, media, and partners. Internally, the team benefited from the CMS and Press Release module functions that allow them to update new content effortlessly to the website.