Connecting cultures: A bilateral art exchange online

Amasses a balance between diplomacy and artistic taste, appealing to both youth and art enthusiasts in China and Singapore.

Design, Development


ARTX30 is a bilateral art exchange between youth artists in China and Singapore. Through a blend of established art forms and emerging trends in new media digital art, these talented artists showcase their unique artworks. To provide a platform for exhibiting their creations, ARTX30 required the development and launch of a dedicated website.


The website provided a multilingual platform for ARTX30 to easily communicate with media and potential partners looking for cultural collaboration in the areas of art and various cultural exchanges.

Explore the creatives

Opted for masonry listing style, aimed at offering a visually engaging experience that allows for dynamic and organic placement of the artists’ creatives. The masonry layout permits a flexible, fluid display, creating an attractive rhythm as the audience scrolls through the page.

On the single creative page, we embraced a 2-column layout. This approach was driven by the desire to provide a clear focus on the creative itself while offering a complementary space for additional information or context. The structured layout ensures that the artwork takes center stage.

Closing Thoughts

This project stands as a testament to the fusion of diplomacy and artistic finesse, captivating both the young and the art aficionados on either side of the bilateral exchange. The website we crafted serves as a seamless bridge between generations and cultures. Its design delicately intertwines diplomatic elements, symbolizing collaboration and harmony, with an artistic appeal that transcends boundaries. It’s been an honor to contribute to this meaningful initiative.