Jardine Cycle & Carriage

Website Transformation: Empowering Investor Connections
Jardine Cycle & Carriage (JC&C), a prominent member of the Jardine Matheson Group, commands a significant presence in Southeast Asia’s corporate landscape. With strategic investments spanning various industries such as automotive, financial services, heavy equipment, mining, and agribusiness, JC&C plays a pivotal role in the region’s economic development.

Given its diverse portfolio and extensive presence, JC&C’s need for an Investor Relations-focused website becomes evident. Such a platform allows the company to effectively communicate with its shareholders and potential investors.

Design, Development
Jardine Cycle Carriage
Investor Relations Focus
Wiz Werx was engaged to do a website revamp for JC&C. We strategically designed the site to be Investor Relations focus, integrating live Share Price updates from SGX to keep stakeholders informed in real-time. Announcements and Annual Reports were also being uploaded promptly to ensure that the user will be able to get it first hand.

By enhancing JC&C’s online presence and providing immediate access to critical data, our work empowered the company to bolster transparency and communication with its investor community.

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Closing Thoughts
The transformation of their website to be investor relations-focused mirrors JC&C’s dedication to transparency and timely communication. The addition of real-time Share Price feeds, coupled with prompt updates on announcements and Annual Reports, cements their position as an industry leader. Wiz Werx is proud to have been a part of this journey, enhancing JC&C’s investor outreach and fortifying their digital presence. As we conclude this project, we look forward to continued success for JC&C, solidifying its standing in the automotive and heavy equipment sectors.