Hierstar – INFINITY

Empowering Technology Convergence
Hierstar – INFINITY card, embedded the OTP and PKI technology into an IC card. They unify online and offline authentication, encryption, authorisation, rights management, payment, ticketing, and other “multi-flow to one” solution, from the cloud to the mobile clients.

In a strategic move to capture international markets beyond China, Hierstar recognized the need for a compelling new brand identity for their card.

Reinventing the Hierstar INFINITY Card
Wiz Werx embarked on a transformative journey that encompassed the creation of a fresh product name and a distinctive logo. The project extended to the development of a responsive website, meticulously crafted to serve as a powerful marketing and outreach platform for their distributor network.
Website on smaller screens
Closing Thoughts
Our collaborative efforts culminated in the creation of the INFINITY Cards, tailored to capture the attention of international markets beyond China. This project epitomizes a fusion of innovation and design, bridging technology and brand identity in a seamless manner.