Coca-Cola (SG & MY)

A Longstanding Digital Partnership
Over nearly two decades of collaboration with Coca-Cola Singapore and Malaysia, our partnership has encompassed a wide spectrum of projects, including website revamps, timely content updates, and the creation of engaging online banners.

We’ve consistently worked together to infuse a digital touch into the brand’s marketing initiatives, ensuring their online presence remains vibrant and aligned with evolving consumer expectations.

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Coca-Cola (SG & MY)
A Vibrant Coca-Cola Community
As we approached the end of the 2010s, social media had become an integral part of people’s lives, influencing their choices and perceptions. Recognizing this, we took a strategic approach to infuse our website revamp with social media and user-generated content. This direction was aimed at harnessing the vibrant and engaging nature of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

By incorporating user-generated content, we ensured that Coca-Cola’s online presence would resonate with the dynamic, participatory spirit of the digital age, fostering brand loyalty and audience interaction.

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Closing Thoughts
After nearly two decades of working together on various digital projects, our partnership may have come to an end, but the valuable experiences and achievements we’ve shared will always be a part of our story. This journey illustrates our capacity to assist clients in a changing digital world, and Coca-Cola’s forward-looking perspective. We’re thankful for the fruitful years we’ve spent working together, and this transition represents a new chapter in our stories, filled with the memories of our shared voyage.