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Mee Mee Optics

Founded in 1965, Mee Mee Optics have continually delivered quality eye healthcare to the community. Through their history, they have kept themselves relevant with state-of-the-art optometric equipment as well as upholding a standard of excellence among their team of optometrists and opticians.


However, with zero marketing efforts, Mee Mee Optics’ legacy had not evolved with the generations of consumers. With more than 50 years of eye health expertise, Mee Mee Optics was looking to target younger consumers by leveraging on the digital channel (Facebook) where the young crowd is active.


Understanding the challenges of pushing creative content that speak inline with the young consumer’s sense of style, Wiz Werx was brought in to help manage the Mee Mee Optics Facebook page. Our team had focused our efforts on creating Mee Mee Optics’ online persona, building brand awareness and creative “Big Ideas” for content that aimed to drive footfall to Mee Mee Optics branches.


Mee Mee Optics