Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Crafting a Digital Tapestry of Chinese Culture
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) collaborates with various arts and cultural groups and community partners to promote multiracial harmony and development of the local Chinese culture.

Going in line with the official opening of its building in 2016, SCCC needed to design, build and launch a brand new website to present unique Singapore-Chinese culture in a relatable and accessible way to the community.

Design, Development
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC)
Bridging Cultures through a digital portal
Working closely with a few SCCC’s key personnel, Wiz Werx designed and developed an engaging website that played a pivotal role in showcasing events-centric content. The new website has been given a chic and modern look whilst preserving its Chinese cultural entity with a subtle infusion of Chinese motifs and lattices, to appeal to a greater and younger audience.
Closing Thoughts
This project allowed us to meld tradition with modernity, producing a dynamic and engaging online platform that speaks to a diverse audience. By preserving the essence of this cultural tapestry, we hope to continue sharing and promoting the multiracial harmony and history of Singapore with the world.