NGS – Nam June Paik Microsite

From Canvas to Code
Translating vision to reality for a special exhibition – Nam June Park: The Future is Now at National Gallery Singapore (NGS).


Our team had the privilege of working on an extraordinary project, the development of a captivating microsite for the Nam June Paik Exhibition hosted at the prestigious National Gallery Singapore. The challenge was to bring the provided design to life, providing visitors with an immersive digital experience that complements the renowned artist’s avant-garde installations.
National Gallery Singapore
Seamless Transitions
As visitors delve into the microsite, they are treated to seamless transitions between the featured installations, creating an enchanting journey through the world of Nam June Paik’s visionary artworks.
Visitor Info
Closing Thoughts
Our collaboration with the National Gallery Singapore allowed us to contribute to the digital representation of Nam June Paik’s artistry, providing visitors with a memorable and immersive encounter that celebrates the artist’s groundbreaking contributions to the world of media art. The team’s meticulous development efforts ensured a smooth and intuitive user interface, captivating users with interactive elements that showcase the essence of the exhibition.