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ARTX30 is a bilateral art exchange between youth artists in China and Singapore. 12 young and promising artists from China and Singapore were specially selected and paired for the cultural diplomacy collaboration. Artworks by these artists demonstrate the close relationship between more established art forms and new, emerging, and exciting trends in new media digital art.


ARTX30 is the happy fruition of different stakeholders bound together by kindredship. To feature the finished artworks of these talented artists, ARTX30 needed to build and launch a website as the platform to showcase their work.


Wiz Werx was awarded the project by ARTX30 for its innovative online presence. Working closely with a few of ARTX30’s key personnel, we designed and developed the website that amasses a balance between diplomacy and artistic taste, appealing to both youth and art enthusiasts in both countries.


The website provided a multilingual platform for ARTX30 to easily communicate with media and potential partners looking for cultural collaboration in the areas of art and various cultural exchanges.