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Digital Human: Elevating AI conversations

Explore Digital Human, where advanced AI meets human-like engagement. Enhance your customer experience with a chatbot that not only understands but also responds with intuitive, lifelike interactions.

Enliven chatbot

Digital Human stands at the forefront of AI technology, revolutionizing chatbot interactions with its ability to emulate authentic human conversations.


Equiped with innovative sensory responses and perception capabilities.

Digital Human perceive, react, and engage with depth and character akin to real human.

Where AI Conversations comes alive


Boosting Communication & Productivity

Biological AI Powered

We merge advanced AI and unmatched animation to craft the most lifelike Digital Human, powered by a Digital Brain with sensory, motor, and cognitive systems, enabling them to interact and remember like real humans.

Creating Unique Identity

The comprehensive mode blends facial features from diverse ethnicities and geographies, enabling the creation of a Digital Human that truly embodies your brand and use case.

Real-time Gesturing

Digital Human perceive and react to emotions, with a base emotional state. Real-Time Gesturing allows them to analyze and add appropriate gestures to speech based on tone, enhancing interaction realism.

Content Awareness

Digital Human guide user attention to on-screen content using glances and gestures, like pointing at a chart, enhancing engagement and understanding through visually directed interactions.

Language & Voice

Digital Human support multiple languages and customizable voice settings to match their roles and personalities, with enhanced speech recognition when matching the user’s language and accent.

Knowledge Base Management

The Knowledge Base Builder tool enables easy conversation creation through a user-friendly interface, allowing for the development of a Q&A library to enhance Digital Human responses, with NLU training and testing capabilities.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Digital Human integrates with leading NLP platforms like Google Dialog flow, IBM Watson, and others, enhancing conversational content by understanding user intentions and selecting appropriate responses from a predefined set.

Interaction Insights

The Interaction Insights tool offers performance monitoring for Digital Human, allowing graphical analysis of historical data to track progress and identify areas for interaction improvement.


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