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Goodrich Global

Asia’s leading supplier and distributor of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and flooring materials – Goodrich Global – wanted to reach out to a wider audience in the B2C as well as B2B market, to sell, educate and build engagement. They understood the importance of branding and that it creates value in their market developments.


Goodrich Global came to us with a dated corporate toolkit and social media content that wasn’t in line with the quality of their business proposition. For a business that positions itself as innovation-driven and committed to serving customers with excellent products and services, the brand identity must be in line with the same messaging.


Using insights gathered during the discovery stage, we crafted a brand new corporate toolkit as well as a calendar that strongly represents the brand personality and matches people’s impressions of the company. These brand collateral were to be largely used by all production team, HR, and marketers of Goodrich Global.


Next came social channels content creation including design and copy. We rebuilt their post templates to look fresh whilst with a modern touch.


Goodrich Global